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Reverse Mortgage Lender

Clark Wilson

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS #1391326 | DRE #02095082

(866) OLD-R-GUY 

(949) 577-6572
Rapid Capital Funding PC NMLS#: 902784

About the Old Mortgage Guy...

The Old Mortgage Guy, Clark Wilson, began his Mortgage Business out of retirement from Investor’s Business Daily Newpaper as the National Training Manager, heading up the Training Department with a staff of 24 members who taught subscribers how to make money in the stock market using IBD’s proprietary products.

As an expert in the stock market products of IBD for many years, Mr. Wilson brings a wealth of experience to the mortgage industry including macro-economic conditions, market forces, fed policy, interest rate sensitivity and precise knowledge of the economic cycles which affect not only the securities markets, but also other asset classes as well including real estate and mortgages.

Further, as a Registered Investment Advisor (Firm CRD# 121925) for many years, Mr. Wilson is acutely aware of client’s financial plans and programs and how a HECM Mortgage can be integrated into an overall plan for greater financial health in the client’s future.

At IBD, over 70,000 investors benefited from Mr. Wilson’s assistance as an expert in the investing methodology espoused by IBD and its sister publications. Just FYI: the American Association of Individual Investors pegged the IBD investment technology as the #1 Growth Stock investment strategy available on the planet today.

Earlier in his career as a Registered Investment Advisor, Mr. Wilson hosted two investment related radio programs, “Investing in the 90s” and “Personal Investing 2000” carried on 28 stations nationwide. He has also served as a Mergers and Acquisition representative of IPA Advisory and Intermediary Services of Chicago, Illinois, vetting several hundred M & A transactions during his tenure there.

Clark Wilson possesses the following current licenses: Real Estate Agent DRE#: 02095082 and Mortgage License: NMLS # 1391326 with Broker: Rapid Capital Funding PC, NMLS #902784, Broker DRE License #: 01911655; and Mr. Wilson is a Registered Investment Advisor with over 25 years of experience in the Financial Industry: Firm (NOT individual) CRD #: 121925.